Setting up a trust is not only for the wealthy. It is for anyone who wants to preserve the value of their assets and protect them from unnecessary taxes.

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Who need a Trusts

Most high-net-worth individuals transfer their assets to the shelter of a trust for one or more of the following reasons: Trusts
  • Emigration: Many jurisdictions levy tax on the worldwide income of their residents; the establishment of a trust can avoid this charge.

  • Probate: Many jurisdictions levy an estate duty on the assets of the deceased, which must be paid before the assets can be transferred to beneficiaries. A discretionary trust not only avoids this levy but also saves legal, accounting and valuation fees usually incurred in valuing assets, obtaining probate and paying duties.

  • Asset Protection: Those who are exposed to claims on their savings because of their work may use trusts to protect assets.

  • Tax Minimisation: Anyone living in a high-tax jurisdiction may be able to place their assets in a low-tax jurisdiction held by a trustee.

  • Family Organisation: This includes all of the above and is a very popular reason for creating a family trust. A settlor ensures the whole family has the use and benefit of family assets, and future generations are secured.

  • Charitable Purposes: Many families set up foundations for the advancement of charitable purposes.

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